So last week I was cruising down to South Florida to work at the Hockey Summit training camp, which is an 8-week off-season training camp for professional and college hockey players.  I will be here for three weeks in total this summer to run the off-ice workouts for the goalies.

I have an E-1 Visa, so I typically cruise through the border, this time was fine as well… but I learned a lesson…

LESSON: Thou shalt not travel with a protein bar

On this trip the Customs Officer asked “do you have any food” and I always answer honestly, I am not interested in playing games with these folks, so I said – “I have a protein bar”

…and then his face went a little sour.

“But on your declaration, you said you didn’t have food.  And if you lied about THAT… well then…”


You may all know this and be saying to yourself – – ‘who is this dumb, dumb… EVERYONE knows you NEVER cross the border with a protein bar!’

I didn’t know.

I thought since it was in a wrapper and it wasn’t fruit, veggies, meat or dairy that it was fine.

Lesson learned and the guy was nice enough about it, but on another day, that could have been the end of my Visa and probably my Nexus pass – – so now I know and I will for sure never do that again.

And now you know too.

Happy travels 🙂