Typically when I travel I manage to weasel and upgrade to at least Economy Plus (I pay for it, not like I wheel up and they just ask me where I would like to sit).  No such luck on this last flight.  The flight was booked by the Slovakian hockey federation because I was heading over for some adventures, but also to meet with their goalie coaches to talk about off-ice training and how to help the goalies perform better.

Because it was booked through a travel agent, my only hope to upgrade was to take the chance when I checked in 24 hours prior to departure and…. OUCH!  Sold OUT.

I was lucky enough to get 35C which was an aisle seat and if there is one thing I hate more than using the bathroom on an airplane, it is having to wake some one up (or wait for them to wake up in my Canadian’esque way) to crawl past them to use the dreaded airplane bathroom.

Why do I hate the look at 20,000 feet so much?  Not sure, but it would be a good topic for either therapy or a blog post at a later date.

I was also lucky to be in seat 35C because it is divisible by “5”; my favourite number AND the woman sitting next to me was about the same size as me, so we both fit pretty well in our own seats without having to encroach on each other’s personal space (and if you are wondering… she didn’t have to use the bathroom at all – AND she had a glass of wine with dinner – IMPRESSIVE).

So up up and away we went from Toronto to Vienna for what turned out to be a slightly over 8-hour flight.

Not long after we were up in the air they were through the aisles with a bevie cart – – I had tomato juice, which is funny because pretty much the only place I drink tomato juice or Clamato is on an airplane and in the Air Austria magazine in my seat back pocket was an entire article about how the only place people drink tomato juice is on an airplane – – curious eh?

Anyway, they were pouring big glasses of wine all over the place and whatever you wanted it seemed… free of charge – whooohooo!  Then we had a nice hot supper served on a little tray and everything, not all squished in a box.  I had chicken and veggies, which was good!

Each seat (even in cattle class) had a nice blanket and pillow on it when we arrived on the plane, so after watching a good movie (can’t remember what it was) during my supper, it was time to give the sleeping quarters a to.  The key for me is as much darkness as possible, so I pull the blanket right over my head (remembering to put my seatbelt on over top of the blanket so it is easy for the flight attendants to see that I am in fact buckled in with no chance that I will fall out of the plane.

It worked not too badly – maybe two hours of fitful sleep, which is pretty good for me.  Leg room was totally limited and I am only 5’6″ – so anyone taller would be really squished, but that is what you should expect in economy.

In the morning, they got the lights on and were quickly up the aisle with tea and coffee plus a huge banana muffin the size of my fist and then we were gliding into Vienna.

Austrian Air and seat mate – you did a great job.  Most importantly, you got me there safely and it didn’t have to swim across the ocean to get there!